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Internationalisering Engels


Almende College, locatie Isala, an international school, a school with an eye on the world.


We are living in a global era. Preparing our students for their future lives means providing them with an international set of tools.


Ever since 1998 every student that graduates from our school has participated in an international exchange. All our class 4 students (at the age of 15-16) take part in this program. Every single class will be linked to a similar class from one of our international partner schools. And within these classes every student will be matched with his or her own partner. Together these classes and these students will be working on a project, one week in the Netherlands and one week in the country of their partners. This exchange program is part of our school curriculum (part of the “school exams”) and therefore obligatory for every student.


To organize these exchanges we have our own network of partner schools throughout Europe: Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain and Turkey. And since 2015 we are working on the realization of a partnership with two schools in The Gambia (in Africa) as well.


Within our school we are working with a small international department (called “committee on internationalization”) of four teachers in charge of the coordination of this exchange program. For the realization of the exchanges themselves we have a large (and great) team of International Mentors (“Internationaal Begeleiders”), teachers that will be the coaches of the students in preparing and carrying out their international experiences.


Together with different groups of partner schools we are always working on finding new ways to give young people the opportunity to work on their future lives through the collaboration in specific international projects too. With our partners from Jastrzebie-Zdroj (Poland), Lunéville (France), Lekeitio and Ondarroa (both in Spain) we are working on a project called “Students International Consultancy”. Another project called “The pursuit of Happiness” is under construction with our partners from Satu Mare (Romania), Melilla (Spain), Plüderhausen (Germany) and Kayseri (Turkey).


During the first three tear at our school (ages 12-13, 13-14 and 14-15) the students are offered the possibility of choosing for “the international stream”. In this stream students will be working on a number of international projects.


The curriculum within this stream is based on the skills and attitudes as described in the “Common Framework for European Competence” as used by school participating in the Elos Network. Elos is a network of secondary schools in Europe who offer their students the opportunity to learn competences that come into play in our globalized society.


The international stream aims at giving students the opportunity to get to know our international world, not by studying it from books or through surfing on the internet, but by experiencing it , getting to know peers from other countries, learning to use different languages, getting acquainted with so many different habits and attitudes. They learn to use (and broaden) their own personal networks, stretching their horizons, but also how to start and run their own international businesses.


So far we have established partnerships with a school in Canada, our local municipality Oude IJsselstreek, Sint Aloyisius College in Menen in Belgium, foundation Buganala, Jong Achterhoek, gymnasium Regiminianum in Borken in Germany just across the border and Cosmicus College in Rotterdam. Besides the students have started up their own smell business called “Child of the Future”, who’s aim it is to raise money for specific projects in favor of our newly found partnerschools in The Gambia.

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